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The Cleanest and Most Efficient Oilheat

Now Delivering

Vermont oilheat companies only deliver Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO)

Vermont law requires all heating oil and

kerosene to have less than 15 ppm sulfur.

ULSHO will help reduce particulate emissions, including sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

According to Brookhaven National Laboratory, SO2, NOX, and particulate emissions from ULSHO is the equivalent of natural gas.

Heating Clean Saves Money

Boilers and furnaces operate more efficiently when using ULSHO. This clean fuel can be blended with renewable biodiesel and used with existing equipment and fuel storage tanks.

More than half of Vermont homes and businesses choose oilheat to keep them safe and warm.  

Vermont’s new clean fuel standards will help save money and the environment.